About Gavin


About Gavin
Look at me, I'm 10 feet tall!

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My name is Lawrence Gavin Paruch. They call me "Gavin". I was born Thursday, May 3, 2007, at 8:47 PM CDT in Springfield, Illinois, because that's where my mommy wanted me to be born. I was named after my grandpa Danner, but my daddy told me that he wanted to name give me another name, Walter, after his dad. He said that he would have liked to call me L.W. Gavin Paruch, but he traded other things with mommy.

I was born at St. John's Hospital in Room 312. My doctor was Casey Younkin, MD, but don't ask my daddy to say the doctor's name because he always gets it wrong. My daddy said I looked like a gloworm was I was born.

I met my godmother, Karen Paruch, on my birthday. She came with my grandma and grandpa Paruch from St. Louis. She likes to buy me clothes and toys. I met my godfather, Dennis Paruch, on Saturday, May 19th, 2007. He drove all the way from St. Louis to see me. He even brought my daddy his favorite pizzas when he came to see me. And he brought Grandpa Danner as Cardinals' World Series Flag. I knew I liked him when I saw that!








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