About Gavin
Look at me, I'm 10 feet tall!


things that i like


I love my mommy and daddy. I think they're the ones who are always looking at me so closely. I am teaching them so many things. My daddy is reading everything he can find about babies. He had admitted that he knows nothing about babies except for those things he read somewhere in a book. My mommy just looks at me and says, "You are beautiful". I am glad they are my parents. I wish I could talk. I have so much to say. I can't wait til I can talk so I can tell my daddy to stop comparing me to a gloworm.. I love my grandma D & P, grandpa D & P, great grandmas C, M, & P, great grandpa M, my godmother Karen, The Godfather (Dennis), my uncle Mike in Portland, Oregon, my aunt Sarah and uncle Eric, my great, GREAT! uncle Frank in Akron, Ohio, my mommy's friends, my daddy's friends, Sasha, Whitey, Penny, and anyone else who loves me!


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